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ROCK STAR gallery™, Music Memorabilia, Signed Rock and Roll Collectibles and Celebrity Fine Art, is located in the beautiful area of Scottsdale, Arizona. It has been a very desirable destination for avid collectors of music memorabilia, music lovers, and art enthusiasts. Our collection of signed music memorabilia is vast and presents a memorable experience for all. It is truly art in its most exciting form.

We offer authenticated Rock and Roll Collectibles, Signed Music Memorabilia and Celebrity Fine Art all museum framed to meet your quality needs. Celebrity Art, Fine Art Photography, Autographed Albums, Signed Guitars, Designer Jewelry, and other Music Memorabilia can all be viewed and purchased with confidence.

The Owner of ROCK STAR gallery™ is Phoenix native, Michael W. Dunn. Michael has been an avid collector of signed music collectibles and art enthusiast for over 20 years. He is proud to offer you his collection while maintaining his own favorites. His passion, vast knowledge, and creative spirit are appreciated in the signed music collectibles industry. We invite you to browse our website or visit our gallery.


Three Certificates support ALL hand-signed collectibles.  A Certificate of Authenticity from ROCK STAR gallery which assumes 100% of the responsibility for all items to be genuine.  Most importantly, in this Big Buyer Beware Industry, ROCK STAR gallery is the “ONLY” company that chooses to use a third party examiner.  We use an independent, court approved, forensic expert examiner. Examinations may include exemplary comparison, paper testing, ink testing and date of the item.  In addition, included for insurance purposes, is a Valuation Letter referencing the market value for the artist.


Our custom designed framing is the highest quality in the industry.  Also, we can customize the framing to suit your taste and needs. Framing designs include a Genuine RIAA Gold or Platinum Award Album.  ROCK STAR gallery is the ONLY company in the industry to offer this. Plus, you may purchase an item unframed.


Gift wrapping with our unique wrapping paper is also an option.  The paper is covered with Rock Star Signatures, therefore, opening the gift has rules.   ALL signatures must be guessed before the gift may be opened! This truly makes it an EVENT!


We ship worldwide every day and we strive to meet your arrival date needs. Above all, our packaging is designed to make every effort that your purchase will arrive unharmed.

Enjoy your stay!