Customer Service

ROCK STAR gallery™ offers personalized customer service to collectors of music memorabilia and rock & roll collectibles from around the world. Providing exceedingly good service is the number one priority. Our goal is to help, educate and offer authentic collectibles, signed memorabilia and celebrity fine art to our clients. Each piece can be custom designed and framed to meet the collector’s individual needs. We enjoy the same passion when it comes to the arts and music. Our gallery is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and we offer beautifully framed hand signed album and guitars. We work with the publishers of Ronnie Wood, Paul McCartney, Grace Slick, Sebastian Kruger, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and more to offer limited editions and original works of art. We also work directly with world renowned rock photographers who have captured great moments in history of all our favorites. We thank you for your business and for giving us the opportunity to assist you with your collection or special gift. Other services provided include:

• Custom Framing and Design for all your art needs.
• Private events with Music Themes.
• Charity Auctions
• Private Consultations on music theme decor (Offices, Entertainment Rooms, Music Rooms, Restaurants)
• Special Events and Art Exhibits


ROCK STAR gallery™ is proud to offer only authentic signed collectibles, music memorabilia, celebrity artwork and fine rock photography. We offer a Certificate of Authenticity with money back guarantee. Many signatures are authenticated by an independent, court approved, third party examiner. Examinations may include exemplar comparison, age and paper testing, ink testing and date of item.


Each autograph is guaranteed to be authentic. If a qualified forensic examiner questions the authenticity of any autograph and a written statement from a qualified forensic examiner is provided, the purchase price may be refunded after receipt of the collectible within one year of purchase date.

The re-examination of the autograph(s) is at the buyer’s expense. The examination of the autograph(s) must be in person and not from a self proclaimed expert or commercial authentication company. The Guarantee is for the original purchaser of the piece only and requires a receipt for the purchase.

 Our COA Statement:

This certifies that you have purchased an authentically signed autograph(s). After careful examination and based on the principals of handwriting identification, it is the opinion of ROCK STAR gallery™ that the signature(s) is authentic. This autographed item is Guaranteed to be 100% authentic or your money will be returned based on a certified, court approved forensic expert examination in the United States within one year of purchase date. The Guarantee is for the original purchaser of the piece only and requires a receipt for the purchase. This item has a security seal hologram which must match the hologram on the COA to be valid.

Customer re-authentication of merchandise:

Since this item has been forensically examined by a recognized court approved forensic expert we do not offer a guarantee of the results related to any re-certification efforts the customer may choose to undergo.  Should a customer decide to re-certify this item by another authentication company, they do so at their own cost and risk.  Rock Star Gallery will not be held responsible for the results of other authentication company’s findings.  Returns are not accepted for re-certified or re-authenticated merchandise after one year from purchase date.

 Return Policy:

ROCK STAR gallery™ will exchange or give store credit within 14 days of purchase with the original receipt. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Other returns are based on the COA statement.

 Placing Orders:

We pride ourselves in offering customer service and we communicate with each client before a purchase is made. If you prefer, you may order by email or use our “Buy Now” feature.  These options are available on select collectibles.

 Payment methods include:

• Visa, MC, or American Express
• Money Order
• Wired Funds


We ship worldwide and will offer discount shipping while ensuring quality packing and transport.

 Framing and Design Center:

Custom framing will compliment each piece of art and collectible. Our framing and design center is located in Tempe Arizona and we specialize in the following:

• Memorabilia custom frame.
• Guitar displays with a purchased guitar or use your own.
• Unique and personalized framing complimentary to art and home.
• Fine Art.
• Fine photography.
• Sports art.

 Special Events and Art Exhibits:

Many of our Artists exhibit their work in our gallery. Special events with the Artist in attendance are ongoing. Celebrity book signings and promotional meet and greets are also planned. Please visit our Live Events Page on our website to view past events.