ROCK STAR gallery Testimonials

Hi Michael,

Item arrived safely.


I will treasure it forever!

Simon 06/2024

Hi Michael - It is true and Jeff LOVED it (anniversary present). Thanks for the t shirts and, as always, for the awesome collectibles. My only complaint is that we’re out of wall space in his basement “Hall of Fame”! ?. Have a great week!

Lisa 06/2024

Picked up the GD piece this afternoon.
It is truly spectacular!
You guys do the finest job of all both in your framing and in your shipping. Congratulations ?.

It's great to know you, my friend!
My best to you and your family and all the wonderful folks in your gallery.

Steve. 06/2024

Hi Michael , I want to thank you for the kindness you offered me at your store with the Led Zeppelin shirt i got for my son Reid . Now his sister wants a shirt . It was my first time in your store and it was a pleasure ! Thank you !

Greg 04/2024

Good afternoon Michael!
Hope you had a great Easter weekend. This is just a short note to let you know that I received my Carpenters frame and would like to thank you once again. The packaging, and in particular the bubble wrapping of the frame itself, was impeccable! Above all, the photos of the frame in your website don’t do it justice, as the frame in actuality is museum-quality beautiful! It’s now hanging in a special place in the living/dining room of my condo for all to see.

Thanks also for the bonus vinyl Carpenters LP plus the supporting papers!

Best regards - and rock on!


Hi Michael

Just sending you this big thankyou for the Queen signed Works album display I purchased from RockStar Gallery and thanks for the free gift, very much appreciated. My niece received the package in Cleveland and we’re looking forward to coming to America in September so I can take it back to England. Thanks again for the excellent service you have provided. ?

Durham, England. 03/2024

Hi Michael , I just wanted to say thank you again for working with me I really appreciate it you’re a stand up guy I really look forward to having the tambourine I think it’s cool anyways thanks again.

Kevin 02/2024

Thank you once again
OUTRAGEOUS, This is a Special piece to add to my HUGE Fleetwood Mac collection.
This is the Fifth piece from you. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW.
Thank you again for letting me know you still had the Drumhead.
You had it designed perfectly GORGEOUS.
You’re the BEST!!!!
Looking forward to more to come.
Thank you so much

Patricia 02/2024

Hey Michael,

As promised, just writing to let you know that I made it back to Los Angeles. Thank you so much for your time and attention while I visited your shop. To answer the question proposed in the poem you gave me, I am indeed happier because I passed by your place. I'm sure you talk to folks who come by all the time, but I hope you know the interaction we had really meant a lot to me as a music lover.

Not for nothing, but sometimes I wonder why my love for music is so potent and what it's ultimately meant for. Seeing what you've done with your love of music really helped me to believe that there is an ultimate plan and purpose that will make sense, even if I can't see it all right now. So thank you, Michael. Can't wait to make my first purchase on the website!

By the way, our concert went EXTREMELY well. AZ Central actually did a really nice write up if you're interested in checking it out.

All the best!

Stephen 12/2023

Mr. Dunn,
I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure for my wife Marcella and
I to have met you last Saturday at your gallery. I am a retired police
officer and over my 27 year career I met a lot of people, some good/some
bad. But you sir are definitely one of the most fascinating people I have
ever met. Thank you for taking an hour out of your busy day to speak with
us. We also told our son Anthony to stop buy and check your wonderful
gallery out and to stop and say hello. Maybe some day our paths may cross

Tony 10/2023

Massive success thank you so much he loved it and quality was superb

Chris 9/2023

We did GREAT with the Metallica! It came the day before we were leaving for our trip, so I had him open it the morning before we left. He was so surprised and very very happy. I can't thank you enough for helping me out and getting that shipped out so fast so he could open before we left. It all worked out perfectly. Now I started something that I can continue to get him to have a nice collection over time.

Hopefully we'll be out there sometime in the Fall, so we'll make sure to stop by and say hello.

Thank you again for all your help! You've been amazing

Shannon 9/2023

I love the piece and thank you so very much for the shirts and the personal note. I will continue to do business as you come up with things I would like. Have a great weekend and stay as cool as you guys can out there!!!

Greg 7/2023


Thanks a bunch!
Another Great Piece Mirage LP signed by all Five.
This is gorgeous indeed.
Thank you for putting this aside for me, most of all thanks again for letting me know you got a hold of it.After you told me that you have not seen one in years.
Also please let me know any other items on The MAC and STEVIE that I might want to add to my collection.
Thank you for the Beautiful Fleetwood Mac shirt as well.

Patricia 6/2023

For ten years our family has spent the month of February in Scottsdale. Every year we visit Rockstar Gallery. When I decided to begin collecting this was the place I decided would be where I purchase items to start and grow my collection. That journey began six years ago with my first purchase. When deciding on what to buy I corresponded with Michael and Scott via email and by phone until we selected the item. This year on our annual visit to RSG I stopped in to say hello to Scott and he introduced me to Michael. Although we had only spoken by phone or communicated by email Michael greeted me as if I was a long time friend. He remembered the items I purchased in the past and took time to talk to me about what I may be looking for down the road. With me was my wife, my son and his wife. After we visited for quite a while Michael took us into another part of the gallery filled with some of his personal treasures. There he spent time with all of us exchanging stories about some incredible personal experiences. It was an unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable time. Michael his wife and Scott are people who make you feel like old friends rather that clients. I can’t thank Michael enough for taking so much time with us and for sharing some incredible personal stories. Now , where the rubber meets the road. At RSG you never feel the sales pressure. You are allowed the freedom to look around and decide, ask as many questions and get real fact based advice. The quality of whatever you decide to buy is exceptional from the item to the framing. Michael is now working with me on my sixth purchase and I am confident he will find me another outstanding item.
Thanks Michael for all you do to help your customers. It’s that touch that keeps me coming back. It was great to finally meet you face to face. Best to you and Scott in the years to come.

Bob 2/19/2023

Dear Michael,

Omg I actually got giddy unwrapping the art! ??
I love them all and they’re even cooler than the photos. ?? Once the family room is painted I will proudly display them.

In fact I’ll have a little partay to show them off.

I also love the T-shirt’s ? you made my day!

Thank you so much and I have your store on my bucket list for next year as a stopover. I’m so glad I found you on my the net ??

Your Rock-Ette 4-ever and a day

Valerie 10/2021

What an amazing shopping experience at Rock Star Gallery. Michael is the best, 1st class service all round, professional, polite, extremely informative, very quick replies to emails and as helpful as you can get!
If you're looking for somewhere with authentic signed music memorabilia & a 1st class service then this is the place! I spent hours & hours for weeks trying to find somewhere as good as this and it was worth the wait trust me!
I purchased two signed Prince Album covers with Genuine Platinum & Gold award albums, and the display, quality & workmanship was absolutely amazing, it blew me away. Make no mistake, a lot of work is put into these frames, the best I have seen by far. I hesitantly asked to change one of the displays from horizontal to vertical so they both matched, the response? No problem whatsoever, as long as I was happy!
To Michael and his team, a big thanks, superb job & 1st class my man.
All the best and be back again in the future!

Matthew 10/2021

Hi Michael,


I can't thank you enough they look absolutely amazing!! There's a lot of work put into those frames, superb job, 1st class my man!!

Just need a house to put them in lol

Thanks for the t shirt by the way! Nice touch!

You are a star Michael! I hope to buy more items from you in the near future. Hopefully you will get hold of some more Prince signed photos
and a purple rain album signed, again, not holding my breath though as they are difficult to find.

Anyways thanks again Michael it's been a pleasure!

Have a great week and a great life!

Matt 9/2021


Thank you sooo much for the beautiful pieces. I can't begin to describe how happy I am. My wife was laughing at me saying I looked like a kid on Christmas who got everything he asked Santa for! Also thank you for the shirts (that was my Christmas Stocking lol). My wife and I love them. She is already planning on wearing the AC/DC shirt tomorrow for a zoom meeting. That's AWESOME!!

Everything was packed perfectly and arrived in perfect condition. I can hardly wait to purchase some guitars!

Eric 9/2021


I have the autographed SRV and Stevie Nicks album covers and they are awesome.

Beautiful job of framing, I'm very happy.

Louis 9/2021

Good Afternoon Donna:

Sharon Robinette here. Hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend.

I just wanted to extend a big Thank You to you and your husband Scott for handling the Robinette Anniversary gifts of the Kiss and Bruce Springsteen memorabilia for Rick and I. I had no idea he was surprising me with a similar gift. He was shocked and couldn’t believe that I had bought what was the one concert he could not see when he was younger.

Needless to say, both of us were extremely surprised. What a fun gift! A special thanks for keeping the surprise under wraps. Appreciate all of the special gift wrapping and making sure everything was just perfect. Also, thank you for the shirts. He loved his and I love mine.

Thank you for making this special day perfect. We love our gifts and we will definitely be back again.

Have a wonderful day!

Sharon & Rick 9/2021

Hey Michael,

Wow, thank you soooo much for sending across the Joshua disc, it really is amazing. Rob loved it, I knew he would, it is such a massive part of him. Rob played in a band for a while and loves music but his mad love affair started and has always been with U2. They have a direct line into his soul. Thanks for bearing with me Michael and my indecision, it was the best decision I have ever made.

Thanks for the thoughtful wrapping, it arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the fun wrapping, it really was fun. Big thanks for the t-shirts, they are lovely and needless to say already worn! Most of all thanks for getting how important it is. Love the fact that the universal language of music still brings people together… thank god for that.

Anyway, you will find Rob below grinning from ear to ear.

Michael you have been great and so pleased you have been a part of this special time.

All the best of everything,

Jane 8/2021

My wife and I bought our first autographed album,Elvis Presley on Stage, from Michael in 2017. The whole experience was fun and professional. The final product was everything we expected and we have subsequently bought 6 more autographed albums from him which have all been great additions to our growing collection. We work with Michael because of his fairness and integrity and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you General!

Steve and Lesa 8/2021

I received delivery of my purchase today and it was everything and more! Email communication was spot on and any questions were answered right away. Michael and his wife went out of their way to help me surprise my daughters. Box was packed very well and since it was for my daughters it was wrapped with a bow. The wrapping paper had musicians autographs. Every little detail was done to perfection with the added bonus of 2 Prince tee shirts for ME! The girls get the signed photographs of Prince. that’s fair right? Seriously if you was quality along with kindness you can’t go wrong with Rock Star, Michael and his wife. I’ll be back!

Vickie 7/2021

I just received my latest purchase from RSG this week and I would like to share a story. I purchase my items unframed and am very particular about their condition. Michael is always so great in answering all my questions and sending close-up photos to address any issues. We also share a great passion for Led Zeppelin and he even made himself available for a long phone call with me on his day off just to talk about music in general. When the Summer Event was presented, I chose 1 item right away and then tried to narrow down my list of what I could add to the purchase. After the usual dozen or so back and forth emails with Michael, I chose 1 more item. Package arrived and I was really enjoying my 2 new items but there was also a gift wrapped item that felt like an album. I thought it may be a new release on vinyl that he thought I would enjoy. When I opened it I was blown away. It was one of the other signed albums I was considering for this purchase. I could not believe it. I put Michael through the wringer with every purchase and he shows me this kind of generosity. Unbelievable. I just want to say thank you to Michael and RSG for always going the extra mile. Rock On!

Ron 6/21

Hi Michael
Yes all received and have just opened it up.
Words fail me. It is awesome and when she opens it tomorrow she will be made up.
Thanks for the t shirt as well. Very kind of you
All that’s left to say is hope I do more Buisness with you in the future. You have been outstanding and so helpful all the way.
Take care
All the very best and thanks again

Gary 5/2021

Good Afternoon Michael

It was worth leaving the candles burning !! .... the goods were released, tomorrow they send me a tax payment guide and then the long-awaited delivery.
I would like to congratulate you, because in times of difficulty, we know good and honest salespeople, and I am very grateful for the support and concern you had with my case.
I will definitely buy from you again (but now I know the ways better), and will recommend it to anyone who asks me.
Congratulations on the quality of your store and your service !!

Eduardo 3/2021

I have been corresponding with Michael a few times in the last 6 to 8 months ago. Every time I have requested something I got an almost immediate response. I made my first purchase today and I was really happy with the whole process. I think that this business is run really well. Again the whole process was painless and everyone I’ve had any dealings with have been very pleasant also. Scott was very helpful and helped me at the end of my transaction. Over all I’m very happy with my whole experience. I will continue to do business with this company in the future. Have a great March madness sale and a better day.

Tim 3/2021

Michael and Scott,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We received the package this morning and were so excited we were still in our pajamas unwrapping it!

We were so surprised by the extra gift you generously included! Stephanie was so excited when she unwrapped it! She cannot stop smiling when she looks at Dolly Parton! You really blew her (and me) away with your thoughtfulness!

You have gone above and beyond our expectations!


I love the Johnny Cash album! They did an excellent job framing it!

I already have it hung up in the theater

I have attached a couple of pics.

Thanks again!

Jim 2/2021

Hi Scott wanted to cc: Michael that I received my framed Rolling Stones autographed album cover today and what a great job you did.

I want to say how nice the item I purchased is and how blown away on by nice the framing is and also what top notch packing you did to ensure my purchase was fully protected.

I have to say one of the best wrapped I’ve received.

With this being said y’all make it very hard for me not to buy fast again.

Very happy customer and thanks again!

Maybe something that is on sale and catches my eye will move me to buy sooner than later.

Steve 2/2021

It’s all true and thank you for the very special tour shirts and mug!!! Mike, you all out did yourselves. He was not feeling well in bed so I helped him open it and he was in a state of shock. He liked your letter. He wouldn’t let me take his photo as he is not well, but it brought a huge smile to his face. You all are wonderful and can’t wait to purchase more from you in the future.

God bless you both and Coronado High School. ( my sister was class of 1977).

Doug 1/2021

Hi Michael,
You ROCK!! Isabella and I are very excited . We were counting the hours for the package to arrive .. when it did, we have to figure out a way so Peter won’t know. The packaging is fantastic. Isabella wrapped the entire box?. We can’t wait for Christmas ..
Thank you Michael for making it happen... your process is old school and painless. Love it. Hope one day, we will do business again.
Hope you and your family will have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Mirah 12/2020

OMG!!! You have "Dunn" it again!!! I just unboxed the (2) Van Halen album collages. They are friggin amazing!!! And the picture you sent, is right there with the VH caliber. You put some thought in that photo and I absolutely LOVE it and I am forever Grateful !!!! You couldn`t have done any better with that photo!! You can`t put a price tag on this stuff, it`s just priceless. It will stay in my possession forever!! Love the bag and Thanks for the T-shirts!! I don`t trust anyone else in this industry and I will always remain a happy loyal customer. The quality is just incomparable!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Michael, you and your team at Rock Star Gallery Rock!!!!

Charles T. 11/2020

Hey man!
I worked until 11 everyday last week. Today
was my first real day off in a long time, so
I opened it up today, and it is beautiful! I am
once again blown away by your awesomeness!
Thank you and your team for everything y'all
do! I look forward to doing business with you
Thanks for everything,

Micah Bargiacchi 7/2020

Hi Michael,

Yes we are good. I have received and they look fantastic. Thank you so much. The Coffee Mugs and Tshirts were a very nice touch also. Thank you once again. I have not had the chance to display as yet but look forward to getting that done. A very professional and high quality job. Outstanding work. Much appreciated for going that extra 1.6 kilometres!,Love your passion and care, it really shines through.

Thanks Steve 6/2020

Absolutely!!!! Sorry, we were camping and I didn’t have reception. He was wowed. Texted pics to all of his Rush friends. We’ll be back for more and I’ll absolutely tell anyone that asks what a great experience we’ve had.

Best Father’s Day EVER!

T. 6/2020

Michael, Are you friggin kidding me?…..This thing is absolutely "F" awesome!!! ( After the 20 minutes unwrapping of bubble wrap)…which I`m not in any way complaining about. I was glad to see it wrapped very well and made the Fed Ex guy wait until I seen it. The hand written letter is going to be framed as well. Love the shirts!! Thank you so so very much!! It is bigger in person than what I had judged from the photos. Hey, I was going to ask you if you had any self portrait 8×10 photos of any kind. I wanted to ask if you would hand sign one to me, so I can put it on the wall in the band room as well.
" To Charles T. in Waynesboro Ga " or something like that. I`m floating on cloud 9 now….this is just so amazing!!!! Thanks again! I`m speechless. You`ll be hearing from me again soon!

Take care,

Charles T. 6/2020

Hey Michael, I just now heard your voicemail…Awesome!! Van Halen Mini Me…LOL. You had me going all this time!!
My wife said, "Did you check your voicemail?" I said no. She said," You dummy?" But, she told me in a joking manner, so, it`s all good. Thanks again!! I`m about to hang it up shortly in the band room, I`ve just been in a daze with it all day and not getting any band related stuff done…Lol. Anyways, heck yeah, Absolutely Love your work there at Rock Star Gallery!!! Not going anywhere else for the Memorabilia. Give me a week or 2 and I`ll be wanting the VH 1984 Debut album as well. So, please Don`t sell it. I promise to get it!! You got my word on that. Love the T-shirts and you knew, "VH 1984"…lol. Thank you so much again!!
Talk soon,

Charles T. 6/2020

Dear Michael / Scott:
I received my Prince framed lyrics and I am absolutely BLOWN away!!!! The care and precision that went into the packaging is incredible. The quality and thought that went into the frame and matting is gallery worthy. And of course the original lyrics will be treasured for a long, long time.

From the moment I first spoke with you both it was clear this was more than a business to you, it is a passion. Your love of music and the memorabilia that creates these forever memories is palpable and to all your collectors means a great deal. I truly enjoyed speaking with you both and can’t wait to take my first pilgrimage to your gallery.

Thank you again for surprising me so much to the upside. Its fitting that you named your business RockStar, because that is what you are!!!


Jeremy O. 4/2020

Just to let you know, Rumours has landed and as always looks amazing and perfect framing too. Thank you once again for a flawless service. My wife is over the moon and just keeps looking at it.

Thank you so much Michael. I’ll be back.!

All the very best,

Steve 8/19

It’s true... it arrived this afternoon in Scotland. Absolutely fantastic Mike, you’re a true rockstar and I’m sure it won’t be the last time we speak!

Thanks again, great stuff. Steph will be absolutely over the moon I’m sure

Phil 7/19

Yes. Mission accomplished. He was over the moon when he saw it. Speechless and all the thoughtful extras that you threw in were icing on the cake!!! I can’t thank you enough for making this the most amazing gift I have ever given and for making his day so special. Rock on!!



Dearest Michael,
My “jewel” has arrived... safe and sound. After carefully removing the coolest wrapping paper in the world, without tearing it, I am stunned at how beautiful and powerful it is in person! I am truly in love with it and it’s going to be so hard to wait till my dads birthday. I am so grateful I found you and your gallery. And, it was very kind of you to include these pretty awesome shirts! Thank you for that. I will wear mine proudly.

My very best to you and yours,
Yours truly,

A very happy Natalie :). from Pittsburgh 7/19

If you have a few is a brief story on my Led Zeppelin journey.......

My whole ZEP adventure started when I was about 15....we didn't have a Rock station in Omaha until the late 70's so I grew up listening to that shitty smarmy 70's pop music on AM radio. Van Halen was one of my first OMG bands that was a real eye opener, but eventually I caught on to LZ. The music was so diverse that to a newbie you really couldn't tie their songs together as just one band. I'm pretty sure my first purchase was LZ-4 on 8-track. Then LZ-2. Wore them out. It took me a loooong time to get enough money to get all the recordings, much longer than it should have, but I burned through the cassettes like crazy - remember auto-reverse?? Haha - what an invention. When I finally could afford a CD player, LZ-Presence was my very first CD.....I just loved Achilles Last Stand. Nothing like a tall (very tall) glass of Rum & Coke and Achilles Last Stand blasting out on 11 to get the weekend started.

Once I was out of college and had some disposable cash I was really able to complete the collection of CD' is amazing to me that it took me that long, although many of the discs were stolen over the years so that slowed me down. Around that time I got turned on to the BBC recordings by a friend, and that started a whole new thing for me which was searching for the bootlegs. Honestly most of them were crap, and just collector's items. A few years after college I started down the road of learning to play bass. Originally I thought that it would be best to learn songs by a variety of bands, and while that was true to some extent......all roads led back to LED ZEPPELIN and John Paul Jones. I was living alone at the time and holed up for about a year and a half learning as much as I could. I practiced at least 40-50 hours a week, and I got good rather quickly. Through most of the 90's I spent working with my own band, writing songs and revolving door drummers.......every band has to have at least 5 different drummers right? We were really making great progress by '97, mostly gigging as the opening act for the hair-bands that were on re-cycle tours. During that timeframe I was more dialed into our stuff than anybody else, which was OK but I think it was a mistake. I really didn't like the grunge rock stuff that much, so there wasn't a lot of new music to fall in love with. So I got married and the band broke up within 3-4 months. Booooo!!!

So this isn't my life story, just my Led Zeppelin journey......and there is a point.....Fast forward to 2017 and I go into your store for the first time, and a flame is re-ignited. You know a lot of the story of how we got the displays going, but this whole thing has brought back to life something that just seems to be part of who I am.....and I thank you for that!!! I love the displays, and enjoy them every day. I am also playing my bass again, and playing many of the LZ songs that quite honestly they make me drool when I get a groove going. All of the discs and DVD's you sent are also a great addition to my collection. Believe it or not, I am taking all of that very slow. Still haven't even played them all yet, and just trying to savor them all one at a time. That soundtrack CD from Song Remains the Same, is just astounding. It is breathing new life into songs that were never really my favorites, but hearing the live versions on CD is amazing. I'm totally hooked on 3 songs on that disc set....Over the Hills and Far Away, No Quarter, and Whole Lotta Love. The guitar solos on OHFA and NoQ are stunning and so gripping........then OMG Whole Lotta Love the section where Page is playing the theramin. Have you listened to the bass playing on that part of the song? It is one of the sickest things EVER. It is so fast, so all over the whole fretboard, and it's just crazy. There's like 10-15 seconds where they push it forward in the mix so you can hear it, but it's freaking psycho-bass. I honestly never heard this before since I had always just played the movie on VHS, and the sound quality just isn't there to hear it. It's a good thing CD's don't wear out like cassettes or I would need new ones already.

So.....more to come with the other stuff you sent, but I haven't even played it all yet. I figure my journey has been long enough there is no race to the end.

Thanks for thinking of me on this ITOD thing you got going - send me more info on what you are thinking here. I was planning on reaching out to you to let you know that if anything cool ever comes up to let me know.....not just records, but other collectible stuff too. Too many damn windows in this man-cave, but if the right thing comes along I will MAKE ROOM.

Thanks for reaching out Michael.

Hey man this is Andy, my wife and I came in your store a few days ago and we all got to talking. I was just going to let you know we made it back to Kentucky. We had an absolute blast at your store! I wish we could have stayed longer or came back, but next time we’re in the area we definitely plan to come see y’all again!

Andy 6/19

Hi, we just came back to Chicago. Every time I get a chance to go to Arizona I want to visit the Rock star gallery. It a colorful unique gallery with historic art that has a story to tell and people to meet. I can't forget Michael who was very kind with gifting me the Queen shirts. He is a super nice and inspiring guy. Also, thank you for the beautiful poetry you printed out for us.

Victoria 5/19

Hey Micheal,

We just got back from vacation to a huge box in our house. AND WOW, it was so much better than i could ever imagine.
You absolutely made Christmas for us, Everything about the frame is absolutely beautiful, and Thank you for the CD's ill make sure the wear those shirts proudly!

Heres also a picture of my father with it in his office. He was so excited and shows everyone who comes in.

Hannan 1/19


Wow!!!! Thank you so much for helping Chris get me the signed, platinum record for Queen’s Greatest Hits! Y’all seriously made my life, let alone my Christmas. Seeing their signatures that close up left me speechless, to say the least! I had tears in my eyes I was so happy!

My dad joked that Chris wouldn’t be able to “top” next year’s Christmas, but my argument is that he never has to buy me another gift again because this one was so great!!!!

You seriously have no idea how much this meant to me, and Chris said it wouldn’t have been possible without you. We will cherish it forever! And thank you for all of the shirts and the maroon Greatest Hits CD (as I lovingly refer to it). I have had a copy of that CD since I was six years old, and it is scratched to hell and skips half of “You’re My Best Friend” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. I was in need of a new copy!

For the signatures on the wrapping paper, I’ve got Stevie Ray Vaughan (one of my all-time favs), Paul McCartney (who I saw in concert last year), Janis Joplin (I used to visit Threadgill’s, where she is said to have gotten her start, in Austin, TX when I lived there), Frank Sinatra, the Edge, Sting, Jimi Hendrix, and Ace Frehley? I wasn’t sure on the last one, and then there is one that looks like maybe Bono?

I tried my best!

Seriously, thank you so much!!!! If we are ever in Scottsdale, we will have to come thank you in person. I hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Claire 12/18

What unbelievable customer service. Michael not only knows his stuff but is a true gentleman.

Rob 12/18

Just arrived home and I’m blown away! It’s beautiful and all the extras ( T-shirts and CD). I was not expecting those and just thrilled. Best experience buying anything ever. Your customer service goes way above and beyond any expectations. The gift wrap is awesome and I’m saving some of it. I will tell everyone I ever meet about you. My wife said this was the fastest I’ve ever hung anything up on the wall.

Thank you again,

Chris 12/18

I finally got the delivery today!!
Wow, I can't believe it!! Perfect!!
You packed it very carefully so you could receive it safely.
It was safer packaging than when I bought the refrigerator.
As you said, it was a really fun experience to unpack.
I can't believe Quinn's autograph album is on the wall of my studio.
It's absolutely flawless.
Oh, T-shirt is just the right size for me!
Thank you for your consideration.
I hope this isn't the end of our relationship and I'll be in touch with you again.

Thank you!!

Jin Yong Kim 11/18

Michael Dunn……you are the “Boss” of Music Collectibles and Celebrity Fine Art !

Thanks for the amazing customer service and personal experience regarding you and your staff for my recent Bruce Springsteen Signed Poster purchase.

Your experience, integrity, and passion for music are shared by customers like myself and I appreciate your attention to detail regarding the framing of my purchase.

I am especially thankful this time of the year to be able to have purchased the item and the price in which it was offered to me.

Happy Holidays to you and your staff/family!

Roy 11/18

Michael & Scott,

Jeff LOVED the albums! He was absolutely blown away by them. And even though I knew what was coming and Scott had emailed me pictures, I was amazed by how great they look in person and what a fantastic job you did with the framing. A class act all the way!!

I’ll be sending you both a list of “must haves” so you can keep your eyes out for some things for me going forward. Jeff is excited about the prospect of building his collection over time so there is definitely more business from me to come! And thanks for the extra gifts (t-shirts & CD) you included with the shipment. What a nice surprise!

Scott – I’ll drop you a separate note at a later date about the framing of the Dark Side of the Moon.

Thanks again to both of you for making our special day AMAZING!!

Robynne 10/18


I would like to personally thank you. I love the stuff. It made my day. Dealing with you has been a pleasure.



I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for the Metallica - Nothing Else Matters signed and framed sheet music! My husband, Mike, was SO excited and surprised (see attached photo). As I mentioned, that was our first dance song and Mike's favorite band so it really is a special piece that we will both treasure forever!

I also sincerely appreciate how wonderful you were to work with. From taking the time to speak with me over the phone, to providing cool wrapping paper and even surprising us with a Metallica t-shirt and CDs - the attention to detail and service was outstanding! Your passion for your craft definitely shows!

We will make sure to wear my t-shirt proudly and highly recommend Rock Star Gallery to any and all who are looking for similar items.

All the best,


Hi Michael,

What can I say. Wow. Amazing service, presentation and everything else in between.

Thank you so much for all the goodies too. Very appreciated. Ollie could not believe it when he opened your beautifully wrapped frame, which is already on the wall in his bedroom.

Thank you once again, it has been a totally stress free pleasure dealing with you. I’m sure I’ll be back.




Sorry I got slammed at work!! It was great!! I told him that he had to guess all the signatures, he did most of them. He loved it and had tears in his eyes and said he was so glad he has all four of them together now. Also thank you for the very cool cd and tee shirts that was really nice of you.. I can’t thank you enough for everything! What a great person you are, and what a great company. I could not be happier. I will always be a customer. And next I will need Brian Epstein and someone else, but I forgot who………….



Hi Michael,

My order arrived today and everything is perfect. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for being so patient with me and for all your guidance and support, you have been awesome. Moray is absolutely over the moon with his birthday present, given to him 4 months early because I couldn't contain my excitement ?. He was actually speechless after he opened it, I think we've made his decade ?. Thank you also for the t-shirts and the DVD, such a lovely touch, you truly are an absolute legend. I'll be sure to post about my fab experience on your website and if we ever manage our tour of America we'll be sure to drop in to your amazing gallery.

Thanks again and... Rock on!

Lucy x


The Bob Seger piece arrived today. Perfect with no damage of any kind. This will be a great addition to my wall of fame.
Also thanks for the shirts. Very cool.
Will be in the Scottsdale area in the next few weeks. Will try to stop in and say hello.


Scott and Michael!

I just recently purchased the signed album from Black Sabbath "Master of Reality". I am beyond pleased with my purchase! I was pleased with the album but also pleased with the packaging and cleaning up of the item before mailing it off to me. I pay attention to detail like that and was very impressed with your professionalism. You also provided me with great communication throughout the transaction. I will definitely be a continued customer in the future! Well done!! "Metal 4 Life"!!


I have one insanely happy husband this morning!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!
He had NO idea what it was as he was unwrapping it.... opened the case and stared and stared.
Said: “Oh my... is this what I think it is???”
Me: “what do you think it is”
Steve: “ This Can’t be Guns N Roses”
Me: “Well it is”
Steve: “This is so Fucking cool!!!! How did you ever get this”
Me: “I met an awesome guy.... you are going to love him”

Can’t wait for you to meet!!!
Thank you so much!!!!



It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you through the process of purchasing a special birthday gift for my father. Your knowledge and guidance were incredible in finding the “holy grail” type of piece we were looking for. We hit a grand slam with the final product. Thank you for putting everything together last minute and making sure it was perfect.. you even threw in a couple of extra side gifts that were totally unexpected and greatly appreciated. The icing on the cake was when you followed up to make sure the item got home safe. That is the epitome of excellent customer service. We wish you continued success!


Right next to the Steinway Imagine piano.

Perfect. Thank you, Michael.


I AM HONESTLY SPEECHLESS. I have no words. It’s more perfect than I could have imagined. I was so excited I cried lol thank you so so so much for the gifts as well! You’ve made this the best birthday I’m so happy it means the world. I will be telling everyone to go to you forever and will defiantly be back to buy more! Now I need a collection hehe


The guitar was a Giant Hit and made all the better with the lead-up extra presents you kindly provided (Thanks!).
Aidan is thrilled, and is considering several different options to display the piece -- front-runner is to simply hang it on the wall, underneath the Keef signed photo. We'll see.
Thanks again for helping make his day so special.
I'll text a few photos.


He absolutely loved it. Said it looks amazing, very thoughtful (his favorite album of all time) and also said you included a real cool note - he loves that kind of stuff! Thanks for doing that!

You've been great to work with we will definitely be back.


Hi Michael,

Expect to hear from me shortly on this - I may need to raise funds...certainly within the next week or so though.

Now I have a little more time, I'd just like to say how impressed I was with the whole experience of buying from you - the packaging and wrapping was excellent, and the mounting and framing is just perfect. I bought from you because of your reputation and I have to say it is well founded.

I also note that you have some signed paintings/prints by Grace Slick. I may have to get another job...

Thanks again,


I had an excellent experience with my first purchase of a signed Bruce Springsteen album from Rock Star Gallery. They did a beautiful job of framing it. My purchase was sight unseen as I live out of state. Michael was able to procure the item I was looking for very quickly and promptly responded to all my calls and emails to discuss my concerns of authenticity and framing, etc. My husband was thrilled with his birthday gift and it looks great in our home. Thanks, Michael!


Hi Michael! The Zep has landed safe and sound! It looks amazing!! Thanks so much for packing it with such great care and for the wonderful surprise t-shirt and DVD! I am going to Zep out this evening!!!! You have been tremendous this entire process! I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to my next purchase!”
All my very best,


“Michael, When I first thought to my self that I wanted to get my father an Eagles band memorabilia piece I thought that it was going to be a daunting task. I first looked on ebay and saw that the prices were too good to be true. When I found rock star gallery I thought why not send them a message and you responded the same day. We sent back and forth around 30 emails and I could not be more satisfied with the way you guided me through the whole process. You made this purchase an experience and I would like to extend a huge thank you for that.

I opened the package I got today and was surprised to find that you included tee shirts and a CD as well as professional style gift wrapping. You truly care about your customers and I wholeheartedly appreciate that! If there is anything I can do regarding writing a review for your store I would gladly do so because people should understand the way you conduct business.”
Happy holidays and thank you again


“Too good to be true, i have to say!!! I am headed out the door to go meet my Daughter at home, however, literally just received and opened your gift. And, couldn’t be more grateful. I honestly had to sit back down, and take it all in. I don’t think I have ever received such an amazing gift in my entire life. I truly don’t think I have. I’m speechless, which, as you know, knowing me, says a lot! Sincerest thanks from the bottom of my heart. Your gift means more to me than I can ever put into words. More than I think our friend Mr. Dylan can put into words too. Of course, if he tried, signed it, and, you ended up with it. I’d buy it. All said though, the whole thing is priceless. Especially your friendship. Honestly, I really think this is the greatest gift I’ve ever received, and I’ve received a lot in 50 years. Well, in turn, I can only give you my sincerest gratitude, and, heartfelt thanks. And, of course, at least another 50 years of friendship. Looking forward to that most of all. Of course, it will never be enough.
Thanks so much again, from the bottom of my heart. I really never can express how much this means, and, how much I appreciate it. Good thing I have many more years to do that too. If tomorrow were the last though, I have to say, I’d go out with a huge smile on my face. And, warmth in my heart. All thanks to you!!!
Have a great night, and, know you’ve more than made mine. You’ve made my next 50 years at least. back to you with more soon.”
Your friend always,


“Michael: What do you think?!! Awesome display, you guys are top notch for sure! Can you tell I’m an 80?s kid?? Mellencamp and Springsteen on each side of Prince! Thank you again, I’d love to tour your gallery sometime!!”


October 10, 2013, My name is Matthew Parker, and this serves as my official retraction and apology for wrongfully posting false and defamatory statements on the Internet about Michael Dunn (“Michael”) and Rock Star Gallery Music Collectables And Celebrity Fine Art LLC (“RSG”). I received Nirvana memorabilia (including an autographed Fender guitar, several album flats, and a bass drum) as a gift and unfortunately had to sell the display for personal reasons. I attempted to place the display on Ebay and a company mislead me into believing that the items were not authentic based upon the company’s cursory inspection of obscured pictures of the items. Without researching this company, I then hastily rushed to judgment and wrongfully posted false and defamatory statements on the Internet about Michael and RSG.

I subsequently discovered that the company that wrongfully mislead me into believing that the items were not authentic had a practice of making these types of wrongful assessments. I am truly sorry for the harm that I have caused Michael and RSG as a result of my wrongful conduct. I understand that many potential clients were concerned and deterred from doing business with RSG because of my false and defamatory statements, and I am truly sorry this happened. It speaks volumes that my one posting/review could cause harm, even though Michael and RSG have no other negative reviews and have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. People should be careful before rushing to judgment and posting such damaging statements on the Internet. I have learned an invaluable lesson, and I hope this retraction and apology will help others to not make the same mistake that I did. I also hope that this retraction and apology will help repair any harm that I have caused to the reputation of Michael and RSG.
Respectfully and apologetically yours,

Matt Parker

“I have always been interested in music growing up, my interest started with the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath all the great bands that have rock and rolled to where are today. Rock Star Gallery is one of those places that led me to buy the pieces I have today. The reason being that with all the music memorabilia that is available today, I could trust and be happy and be sure of the authenticity of any of my purchases. If I wasn’t sure I could contact Michael Dunn with any question and receive the answer that made me feel like a rock star. Thank you Michael, thank you Rock Star Gallery.”


“My experience with RSG has been extraordinary!
As a business owner, we all take pride as it relates to “service”, whether it be positive/negative.
You and your company exemplify those business practices on a daily business.

I was most appreciative that you personally responded to my questions related to products, pricing, and authenticity of your items.
I was even more impressed that you took the time to talk with me at length over the phone to share stories of musical artists that have both touched our lives.”

Although I may not be in the market at times financially to purchase many items, you give me the opportunity to work with you on price and negotiate options to make purchases more affordable.
My goal is to hopefully be able to travel to visit your gallery in Arizona, meet with you in person and bring back a piece of my musical dreams.”


“I love the Rock Star Gallery. The collection in the gallery takes my back to the 70’s – the best decade of Rock n Roll! Great service and most importantly, Micheal and staff are amazing historians of music and music collections. I make sure to visit every time I am in Scottsdale!”


“Rock Star Gallery-ROCKS! Great selection of memorabilia and Michael’s knowledge is unsurpassed.”


“I have been a classic rock memorabilia collector for over 15 years now. I have approximately 21 pieces in my collection. As time went on I kept looking for very unique and dated pieces that my source at the time could not provide. I was then referred to Michael Dunn of Rock Star Gallery through another collector. The relationship greatly changed from someone just trying to sell me another piece and moving on to someone who was truly working in my best interest and , understood and shared my passion behind their works of art.

Not only did Michael do the research and have the contacts to secure the Music art I was hoping for but the suggested design, matting, and framing which was spot-on and unique. Soon we designed a couple pieces together with photos & posters that really personalized the art. He located a signed Kinks debut album (over 50 years old), Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys and John Lennon’s Imagine album which are the most difficult ones to find. But my favorites have to be the autographed Woodstock album by the Who, the Beatles Abbey Road and a cherry-red Aerosmith guitar.

Last year I stopped by the Rock Star Gallery to meet Michael in person and share some rock history experiences. The Gallery is spectacular and the people who showcase it are very knowledgeable and personable. In the end, I find Rock Star Gallery and their ownership very credible, authentic, competitive and passionate in assisting me with my collection. They are good friends and partners which has made my purchases a truly enjoyable experience. I look forward to my next visit to their beautiful Gallery.”
Rock On


“The Rock Star Gallery is a top notch company that definitely delivers on their product!! I ordered a very cool item earlier this month and received it in excellent condition. The careful packaging and attention to detail on the protection of the item was above and beyond. The Gallery staff (Michael and Todd) answered all of my questions about the item via phone conversations and emails. They were up front and even sent dimensions of two separate frames, helping me make an informed decision as to the one that was best suited for me. I have visited their web site on several occasions and am blown away by the quality and items in the gallery. I know they are busy, but they answered all emails in a very timely fashion, and were very friendly! Thank you Rock Star Gallery for your awesome product and fast quality service!! I would love to do business with you again someday soon!!”


“After logging and exploring the Rock Star Gallery website for several years, I finally decided to inquire about an autographed Eagles; Hotel California album that I have wanted for quite some time.

Michael Dunn quickly responded to my inquiry, and we began a dialogue on the piece.

Our email discussions lead to a half hour phone conversation on not only the Eagles, but the history of Rock Star Gallery along with a few “very” interesting stories of Michael’s many experiences.

I wasn’t quite sure I could pull it off, but after Michael and I conversed that morning I was soon the proud owner of “Hotel California”.

It was like Christmas morning when the framed autographed album finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to open it. The framed album was nicer than I could have ever imagined. The professional framing of this album was outstanding and it really compliments the piece.

I have recently purchased another Eagles piece with plans to someday acquire a few other items from the gallery that I have my eye on.

I just need more money!

Thanks for all of your help Michael. Can’t wait to visit Rock Star Gallery and meet you in person.”


“As a novice autograph collector I would like to give a warm thank you to Michael and Scott from the “Rockstar Gallery.”
It can be very intimidating out there in a world of fraudulent autographs being passed off as legitimate pieces. Michael Dunn, owner of the gallery has helped educate me in my purchases and along with a “certificate of authenticity with a money back guarantee”. Each autograph is accompanied by a statement from a qualified, and independent forensic examiner.
My first purchase was that of a coloured 8”x10” autographed photo of “Eric Clapton.” When I received the shipment I was pleased with the well packaged item. It shows the length that Michael’s team of professionals go to from the initial sale through the museum quality framing, to the handling of the item for shipment. The added name plaque on the bottom of each piece is a classy touch!
In regards to pricing, I feel Rockstar Gallery is very reasonable, as I have since purchased my third autograph from Michael. One of which was a Birthday gift for my wife and Michael even went to the trouble of gift wrapping the photograph in this awesome gift paper!
Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Michael and Rockstar Gallery to any Aficionado of
Rock ‘n Roll memorabilia.”

Ross, Toronto, Ontario Canada

“C’mon and Show Your Love”

“The reason I know about Van Halen to this day is because of my father. In fact, a large majority of my music interests and influences come from my father. Ironically, listening to Van Halen as a kid doesn’t come to my memory as easily as it does to David Lee Roth during his solo career, especially from his album “A Little Ain’t Enough.” Needless to say, Van Halen goes down in my book as one of my favorite groups of all time.
As my father is a guitar player, he loves his Fender Stratocasters and he does have more than one. It only made sense to pick this group as the artist of choice for a custom gift from Rockstar Gallery. Fortunately enough, I didn’t just stumble across Rockstar Gallery on the internet. A colleague of mine did a fair amount of business with the establishment due to his interests in music and rock and roll.

This summer, I wanted to do something very special for my dad and tie in one of his favorite artists, Van Halen, along with it. Approaching my colleague, I explained my situation and what my thought process was for the gift, and he was incredibly helpful in the process with introducing me to Rockstar and also explaining how ‘all signatures are verified through an outside (non-owned) forensic specialist…anytime you can get a signed debut album it’s the best choice.’

I was also fortunate enough to see the framing in person, where I immediately knew, this was very intricate and high quality work, not always easy to come by now-a-days. In addition to the designing, there was a lapse in time where I thought about everything thoroughly before making the final call to purchase. Never throughout the process did I feel pressured or urged to rush my decision, the customer service was very welcoming, helpful and rockin’!

The next steps are to actually come visit Scottsdale in 2017 with my girlfriend and visit the physical gallery for an in person experience, because I want to be experienced, just like Jimmy Hendrix. As a young professional, I am very proud to do work with such an establishment like Rock Star Gallery and recommend it to anyone who is very dedicated and passionate in authentic memorabilia. Thank you again Michael for everything.”


“Hey Michael, this is Cody. My girlfriend Marissa and I stopped by your shop a few weeks ago and spoke with you for awhile and you told me to check in with you when I got back to Colorado! Just wanted to say thank you for the great experience at your store. I was inspired and excited to hear about your journey to where you are now. It’s no wonder why you have had so much success with your business and with those around you. Continue to use your great personality and passion for serving others and your business and personal life will blossom as it already has. Looking forward to coming back in the store someday and buying that Jimi Hendrix photo ;) Thanks again! And
God bless!”


“My husband Rocky and I stumbled on the gallery via a web search for some cool artwork for our new home in Pacifica, CA……we settled on 3 amazing drawing by Mr Ronnie Wood and have since added 5 other pieces to our collection!! On a trip to Scottsdale we finally visited the Gallery (where we picked up on of the next five!) and we so impresses by the art as well as the staff….first rate!!
The next occasion was my hubby’s 50th birthday where I surprised him with an Eric Clapton display that included a guitar, sheet music, and album……it is breathtaking!!!!…..a centerpiece in our living room……
Most recently I found myself in AZ once again, this time our nephew was getting ready to start school at ASU. we went into the gallery and ended up purchasing a Doors gold album – spectacular!! This purchase arrived with a CD box set to my total surprise!!
I can go on and on but let’s say that we LOVE the gallery, the pieces, and the fantastic people……see you soon everyone!!!”

Shelly and Rocky

Hi Mr. Dunn, Many thanks for keeping in touch, we are so grateful to you for being honest about everything. As you see it’s got pride of place in our vinyl room, we will remember you each time we look at the Boston debut. You never know Terry might have another spend!!!

Regards Terry and Sheila x

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